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Rickert Engineering, Inc.

8813 Waltham Woods Road, Suite 301

Baltimore, Maryland 21234

Tel:  410-663-5110

Fax: 410-663-5114


REI specializes in the structural evaluation, repair and modification of a wide range of structures.

Concrete projects include repairs to parking garages, evaluation and strengthening of floors and roofs for new equipment, new sewage treatment tanks and equipment supports, and retaining walls.

Masonry projects include the evaluation and design of bearing walls and facades, and segmental retaining walls.

Steel projects include schools, hospitals and supports for infrastructure such as cooling towers, air handling equipment and industrial process equipment.

Wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass and aluminum analysis and design is also provided.  Wood projects include custom houses.  Carbon fiber projects include strengthening of existing concrete.  Fiberglass projects include domes and facias.


Scale Model Facility, Adelphi, Maryland.

US Army Corps of Engineers

This sample of Rickert Engineering's timber expertise was constructed using 55 inch glulam columns rising 55 feet above grade. Ten foot deep trusses clear span about 70 feet and rise to a height of 70 feet above grade.